• “Our mission will be accomplished once every organization adopts customer experience, instead of profit, as its driving force.”

    Zanna van der Aa, initiator of customer signals management.

New developments KSM factory

 11 June 2017
 Written by Zanna
Although KSM Factory only saw the light of day a year or so ago, the time is already ripe for new developments. Developments to further realize that same dream whose seed was planted more than 15 years ago, namely to help organizations in creating a more customer-centric and eventually human-centric world. Collaboration with KANS! Top […]


Are you looking for success in customer experience? Don’t bother asking your customers what’s important.

 23 February 2017
 Written by Zanna
Latent needs make or break customer perception While studies concerning the role of our subconscious do not entirely concur, they all quote an influencing factor between 75 percent and 95 percent.  Given the magnitude of that role, why do the vast majority of surveys aimed at improving customer experience explicitly ask customers what matters to […]


Service design for supplementary benefit

 31 October 2016
 Written by Zanna
The idea began as… “Wouldn’t it be fantastic if, by really looking at people and their specific context, by truly understanding them, we can offer them better services and help get them off supplementary benefit?” A number of years ago, I was confronted with service design and was immediately convinced of the amazing value which […]


Win-win-win: the 10 questions for e-mail and telephony.

 06 August 2016
 Written by Zanna
One of the benefits of my job is that I get to formulate driver analyses for all kinds of organizations. In turn, this provides me with wonderful, useful insights which many people find interesting. Today, I’d like to share the insights from a recent analysis of call and e-mail drivers of customer satisfaction. As a […]


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People-centric service innovation

Innovative concepts which move the entire sector one giant step forward in terms of customer experience. For all social services departments in the Netherlands, for example. Or for all hospitals. There lies the ambition. The task of KSM Factory together with Muzus.

Muzus is specialized in service design: a method derived from the industrial design field, which translates product design into the world of services. The principle behind service design is that you truly understand the human context (context mapping as developed by dr. Froukje Sleeswijk Visser). Another commonly used term is “human centered design”. Innovative concepts can only be created once you understand the context and motivation.

Part-time work on supplementary benefit
We shall be implementing service design to discover how this can be simplified for the people involved, for a number of social services departments.

Back on supplementary benefit again
We shall be implementing service design to discover how this can be prevented for the people involved, for a number of social services departments.

About us

The power of connection

The KSM Factory ambition is to play a major role in establishing a more customer-centric world. Our mission will be accomplished once every organization adopts customer experience as its driving force, instead of profit. We continually provide proof that this is a realistic mission, by rendering customer experience truly measurable. Both by raising customer satisfaction and reducing costs.

We are a franchise organization, in which advisers use the customer signals management method as their basis. Each has their own specialist subject, but we share the KSM Factory ambition and connect in a mutual modus operandi.

How can we help you?

  1. Determine customer satisfaction drivers
  2. Determine employee satisfaction drivers
  3. Improve customer experience
  4. Reduce costs via customer experience
  5. Digitalize via customer experience
  6. Implement the KSM method
  7. End-to-end change plan

Intrinsic customer centricity forms the basis
KSM Factory selects those advisers who exude customer centricity. Their profession can be learned, customer centricity cannot.
Connection is our key competence
We connect with the people with whom we work for clients, while also connecting various fields of expertise to arrive at new methods.
Cooperation pays dividend
We cooperate with partners in neighboring fields who share our vision and modus operandi: KCM, SfCM, Muzus, and RenM Matrix.

Sustainable change is our goal
Our approach is characterized by its focus on transfer of knowledge and skills so that organizations can become autonomous within six months.
Serviceability is our standpoint
We serve the process and the interests of the organization, even if this is not in line with the personal interests of individuals. Integrity is absolutely essential.
No-nonsense is our middle name.
Customer engagement, multichannel, omnichannel, CES, NPS…. KSM Factory advisers will always explain the sense and nonsense of such terms to you.


If you have any questions, contact us via the form or e-mail. We’ll get back to you within 48 hours.