New developments KSM factory

Although KSM Factory only saw the light of day a year or so ago, the time is already ripe for new developments. Developments to further realize that same dream whose seed was planted more than 15 years ago, namely to help organizations in creating a more customer-centric and eventually human-centric world.

Collaboration with KANS!

Top of my wish list for many years was to help people on benefit payments to get back to work. Through a mutual contact, I was introduced to KANS! An organization for whom this is the core business. They train people who are on (supplementary) benefits to become full-fledged customer service employees. It was wonderful to discover that founders Chris and Remco shared exactly the same dream. While we are currently still exploring all the opportunities for collaboration, we already know for certain that something special is on the cards!

KSM community

Late last year, the idea of organizing a “Day of the Customer” was born: I was in contact with 6 social services departments and became aware that although they all faced the same issues, they had no contact with each other. “Let’s organize a day to get you all together and make it easy for you to share your know-how.” It was proclaimed a very successful day by one and all, resulting in the second Day of the Customer taking place in May 2017. Along the way, the idea arose to conduct a pilot for an online version of the KSM community. For people involved in customer centricity within organizations, to share their experience and inspiration, also with input by Miranda, Niels and Zanna of KSM Factory. This pilot will run until the third Day of the Customer, which is planned for 10 October. We can’t wait to see whether this will be a value-adding format!

Are you interested in participating in the KSM community? Send me a mail giving the whys and wherefores of your interest and what you hope to find in the community.

KSM university

When my book was published late last year, I genuinely believed: anyone reading it will now have the tools with which to apply the KSM method. With hindsight, that was somewhat naive. We are therefore designing a training course aimed specifically at autonomous implementation of all aspects of the KSM method. The first course is scheduled for October!

And last but not least we’re working on a top secret idea of creating a KSM tool that gives a crucial boost to the necessary change within the organisation…



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