Contact reduction program




Realize cost savings through contact reduction, without this harming our customer satisfaction.


Devising a program structure, compilation of project teams throughout the chain; design of appropriate analyses to discover the actual call drivers; linking of data in the DWH with the correct intelligence reports; conducting data analyses in order to refute or support gut feelings (for example “it’s mainly older persons who call us” and “people with a my Delta Lloyd account call us much less often”. But is that really true?); design of repeat traffic analyses; detailed analysis of the customer chain per process for the top x call drivers, to determine where online improvements can be made and the process itself improved; establishment of the role of the agents in steering towards online, including control in new KPIs; formulation of monthly board and management reports giving clear data on the program progress and explanations for decreases/increases.


25% contact reduction with an increase of customer satisfaction.


“The FTR program worked its way through the entire customer chain to find solutions for unnecessary customer contact. Besides a significant 25% decrease in contact volume over 3 years, an equally important legacy is the impassioned conveyance of all ins & outs surrounding Customer Experience management, the sparring partner for me as a manager and source of inspiration, always ready to take the next step. Thank you!” Maud Martens, Manager Customer Contact Center Delta Lloyd