Customer Delight program


2016 / 2017


Help us give firm shape to our customer delight strategy, by implementing the KSM factory customer satisfaction method in such a way that we can take control of our customers’ and candidates’ satisfaction, allowing us to grow to an 8+ and move the entire organization into a more customer-centric mindset.


As always, we began by defining the main customer chain and then defining the detailed customer chains for each step along the way. This formed the basis for the questionnaires, which were conducted and smart statistics applied in order to precisely determine a maximum of 10 items with the greatest impact on satisfaction. We then took specific action in a pilot in order to check whether satisfaction can be significantly boosted within 3 months. After completing all the measurements, the next step is the implementation phase, training people to do it themselves, continuously monitoring, gaining management support for satisfaction as a KPI and monitoring the progress of the change process in a maturity level meeting, etc. And so a sustainable method and requisite change of mindset is established for the years to come.


The project is still underway, but the pilot has already shown measurable results, from 7.1 to 7.5 within 3 months, the drivers have been determined for all steps in the customer chain and the roll-out of the entire change process to the complete Randstad Staffing organization has begun. To be continued!