Customer experience design principles




Help us achieve consistent service throughout the customer chain, in keeping with the customer’s needs, as the basis for improving quality and increasing efficiency.


We jointly determined concrete design principles as the basis for the service guide. This guide works as a benchmark with which all service elements can be compared. In order to arrive at the service guide, we began with stakeholder interviews and a quantitative questionnaire among the four target groups, in order to get an idea of their experience of good service and the required use of channels. We also apply know-how, experience and earlier research with regard to customer satisfaction drivers for the channels.

After establishing the service guide, we used it to compare the four most commonly occurring customer processes. During a workshop, we determined the current detailed customer chain, and looked at the required customer experience as identified in the service guide. The ideas for improvement were then tested among the four target groups, in a ‘sanity check’, quantitative session.


Validation of what customers truly find important (quick, good and friendly) versus Eindhoven University’s ideas of what customers find important, thanks to a fresh outside-in approach. A service guide with practically applicable design principles, 4 current and required customer experience chains for the 4 most commonly occurring customer processes and final advice on the next steps to be taken by the university.


“The project conducted by KSM Factory has given us better insight into customer experience and how we can influence it positively. More specifically, we are now more aware of why and how we should look in from the outside, and how that can be translated into our processes. We also have better insight into the channel preferences, effectiveness and required response times.” Patrick Groothuis, Director STU, Eindhoven University of Technology