Customer experience program




Ensure that the entire organization continuously improves services from the customer’s point of view.


The project started by establishing the main customer chain for Delta Lloyd. We adjusted the annual customer satisfaction and NPS surveys to the steps in the main customer chain, to show us which steps were most important; continuous monitoring of the top 3 customer processes and the channels (call and e-mail); formulation of a model analysis in order to identify the appropriate knobs to twiddle per channel and per customer process; establishment of monthly customized reporting per internal customer (manager non-life, manager healthcare, manager CC, etc.), so that they know precisely where there is potential for improvement; monitoring of progress of improvement activities; facilitation of all teams to realize improvement activities by visualizing detailed customer chains per customer process, for example; internal PR throughout the organization in order to gain attention for customer experience (know-how sessions, working meetings, intranet, blogs, management team visits, etc.); A4 sheet with scores and targets per customer process and channel for board and MT.


Attention for customer experience throughout the organization and increased customer satisfaction.


“With Zanna on board, you have the customer on board, and find yourself on the eve of change. Thanks to her knowledge, infectious enthusiasm and drive, she soon has everyone mobilized. Zanna offers a very special mix of know-how and do-how. She not only knows how to do things, but also how to get things done. In a surprising, inspiring, unique and fun approach!” Fleur Dujardin, Director Commercial Division Direct.