Customer signals management




Help us implement customer signals management, in a way that we can then do it ourselves.


KSM Factory coached two SDD quality advisors on the implementation of the customer signals management method across the SDD organization. Together, we determined the baseline when applying for benefit payments. This entailed: formulation of the customer chain; formulation of the questionnaire; continuous monitoring of customer experience using the customer contact monitor tool; formulation of a model analysis in order to determine which ‘knobs’ have the most effect; design of the method of compiling customer chain teams to react to the input and continuously improve the process; management reporting on the results of the monitor; adjustment of the contact registration process to match the steps taken in the customer chain. Once KSM Factory had established the application for benefit payments together with the two advisers, they themselves implemented the Social Support and Debt Counseling schemes.


Reduction in complaints and objections and increased customer satisfaction, from 6.8 to 7.4 and even 8.


“Zanna’s customer signals management concept has offered enormous added value in the definition, monitoring, analysis and specific improvement of the quality of services offered by Sociale Dienst Drechtsteden. She functioned as an adviser but especially as a coach for the soft side of the change method. I was particularly charmed by her no-nonsense mentality, inborn positivity, sense of humor and reliability in being true to her word!” Merieme Fouad, quality adviser Sociale Dienst Drechtsteden.


“Customer signals management offers SDD the opportunity to actually improve its services. The somewhat boring and often generic customer satisfaction surveys have now been replaced by dynamic and daily feedback. KSM Factory also offers us the opportunity of identifying which investments will be valued by customers. While it requires time and energy from the organization, it’s fantastic to see it actually yielding results.” Yvonne Bieshaar, Director Sociale Dienst Drechtsteden.