Digitalization of Customer Processes




Ensure that customers can apply for special income support and supplementary benefit via the SDD website.


KSM Factory began by drawing up a plan of approach based on the customer. One risk of this type of project is that it can become an IT project. It then offers all kinds of technical possibilities, but no customers actually do it online. We worked through various steps: process of choosing suppliers for effective coupling of the online form and back office (GWS4ALL); design of a decision tree as a filter so that customers know whether it is worth the effort of applying; design of a decision tree based on automatic availability where possible; management of the playing field of all technical parties to arrive at the required design; internal information for departments involved in the project, and what it will mean to them; usability survey among customers in order to check whether they experience our ideas as being simple and adding value; and a plan of approach for channel steering.


We went live within 6 months for special income support applications.


“During the project, we were advised to always work from the customer’s perspective, therefore making use of reversed engineering. Zanna proved not only to be a good innovator but certainly also an extremely good process designer and project leader, who not only organizes matters such as digitalization, quality, services and customer experience excellently, but also links them altogether to form a whole.” Joost van den Hoek, Manager Work and Income, Sociale Dienst Drechtsteden.