Implementation KSM process




Design the process for signals management within DUO and create support for its implementation.


We had already formulated a number of documents proposing various processes. These could now be integrated in the 10 steps of customer signals management defined in the KSM tool. We began by holding a questionnaire among 70 people involved within DUO, in order to ask them what each of the 10 steps should look like and, more importantly, by whom they should be implemented. The objective behind this was to create a shared picture. We then worked out the 10 steps in further detail in two workshops involving around 30 people.


A final report with the completed 10 steps; responsible roles per step; a detailed proposal for a pilot in 2016 in order to initiate this process with support from the Customer Signals Monitor tool.


“In three workshops, Zanna introduced DUO to a greatly enriched customer signals management process. Besides a level of expertise unique in the Netherlands, she will be remembered for her direct approach and ‘down-to-earth’ attitude. By effectively anticipating the specific characteristics of the organization, she was soon able to win confidence and propose clear choices. The workshops were therefore a turning point for us, from reflection to action.” Walter Bakker, Manager Customer interaction Dienst Uitvoering Onderwijs.