Steering customer satisfaction


2015 and 2016


Apply the KSM Factory customer satisfaction method to our customer processes, such as applications for supplementary benefit.


Establishment of workshop for a detailed customer chain per process; formulation of questionnaire; design of customer contact monitor tool; conducting questionnaire among customers; conducting model analysis in order to identify the correct knobs; design of the customer contact monitor dashboard for these knobs; formulation of final report containing 5 concrete improvement activities with the greatest impact, ready for implementation tomorrow.


Insight into the satisfaction knobs for supplementary benefit applications, and enthusiasm among the other departments, to also monitor their processes in this way.


“The new CSAT monitor provides concrete justification of our investments and improvements. We began by monitoring the intake process and became aware that more and more organization departments automatically became enthusiastic and requested monitoring of their processes. In that sense, it’s “infectious” and inspiring to see the oil stain spreading throughout the organization.” Hugo Aalders, Director WPI Municipality of Amsterdam