Miranda Nijenhuis

As the hard-working daughter of an entrepreneur, I grew up with the idea of customer satisfaction: my world is seen through the spectacles of the customer. Using openness and curiosity, I create an environment in which everyone can work according to their own strengths. And an environment where change and improvement is an ongoing process. I like to think of myself as the binding factor.


CrossFit and a healthy lifestyle makes me a strong and energetic person. I’ll stay the course, not only in my own training sessions but also on the work floor, where I always find a way of achieving the mutual target. We can do so much more than we ever imagine. Having earned my spurs in the catering industry, customer contact has been my specialty since 2008.


My know-how lies in the field of customer satisfaction, customer experience, digitalization and innovation, and I am passionate about leadership, Lean and communication. I regard my assignments to be successful when the change we have achieved becomes daily practice and energizes people. The people who work there and the people who are their customers.


Would you like to know more about my background, the projects I’ve conducted and other people’s opinions of them? Check out my LinkedIn profile or contact me!

  • miranda@ksmfabriek.nl
  • +31 (0)6 460 758 75