Niels Ansoms

Why would a customer choose you? And will they be loyal to you… or not? Will you survive? There are many questions which can no longer be adequately answered by classic marketing solutions. That is the principle behind my motivation to embrace the customer signals management method. To go find the knobs which really do work. The true customer drivers. The purpose being to create a win-win for your customers and for you as an organization. Making improvements together therefore, aiming for tangible results. You can always expect a realistic yet ambitious attitude on my part.


It is the uniqueness of your organization which is my priority. After all, your strategy and brand perception is what counts in your approach to customer experience. Customer satisfaction may need boosting in one customer process, while sales conversion or improved efficiency may be required in another customer process. Customer signals management gives you the insight to make the right choices and therefore to augment the ROI on your service activities.


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