Romano Ruis

Customer service is where your organization can stand out from the crowd. The product itself is often no longer distinctive. Can the price make a difference? Only one can be the cheapest after all. So what makes you unique versus all the others offering (more or less) the same? Where will you make your mark?

It is the quality of your service and your employees which makes customers so satisfied with you. Which makes them recommend you to their friends. That can’t be achieved by simply creating a one-off wow moment. You need to look at the picture as a whole. Listen to what your customers are really telling you. Why do they call you? What are their complaints? What do they appreciate in your customer satisfaction surveys?

All these insights can then be bundled¬†and prioritized for customer-driven improvement. Translating insights into initiatives, step-by-step, connecting colleagues with but one goal: improving that end-to-end customer experience! And at the same time creating proud employees. Because let’s be honest, we all prefer to work for an organization which makes customers happy!

I’m proud to be able to contribute to creating happy customers and proud employees at other companies. Thanks to my drive, know-how and experience, I’m in my element when realizing customer-driven initiatives. It makes me smile to make the Netherlands a little more customer centric, day by day, and to prove to others that they can do the same! Who am I? I’m a KSM Factory consultant!

Would you like to know more about my background, the projects I’ve conducted and other people’s opinions of them? Check out my LinkedIn profile or contact me!

  • +31 6 22 18 99 93