Zanna van der Aa

The projects I undertake are based on “the wind of change rather than blowing with the wind”. In other words, I focus on the target but there are many flexible roads to be taken in reaching it. There is no single set route, after all. Every organization can be mobilized in its own way. The deployment of my creativity and sensitivity is an essential part of the equation, as is my great knowledge of this discipline, of course.

I have been active in the customer centricity field since 1999, conducting projects at all kinds of organizations in various branches. Customer satisfaction, customer experience, contact reduction, channel steering and digitalization. All the aspects which touch on the improvement of services for customers, in fact. And with measurable results. Parallel to my work as an organization adviser, I conducted doctoral research for my Ph.D. at Radboud University from 2006 to 2012, studying the role of customer service in customer relations marketing. This enabled me to bridge the gap between research and relevance in practice, which came together in my book “Customer Signals Management.”

My strength lies in introducing new initiatives and conveying knowledge and skills to people within the organization. My positive approach and enthusiasm creates great energy, and my mission is only accomplished if we achieve actual change. Change which is not only sustainable upon completion of the project but is also subsequently developed by the organization.

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